Unruly passenger arrested at MIA

Man appeared disoriented, according to American Airlines

MIAMI - An unruly passenger on board an American Airlines flight was arrested at Miami International Airport Friday morning after he reportedly refused orders from the crew to return to his seat.

According to American Airlines, flight 320 from Montego Bay had just landed at MIA when 24-year-old Ryan Snider, a visitor from Canada, stood up and started moving to the front of the cabin.

Officials Snider appeared to be disoriented and did not obey orders to return to his seat.

Three passengers then grabbed Snider and held him until the plane arrived at the gate.

One of those passengers, Malik Cann, demonstrated to Local 10's John Turchin how they grabbed the man and held him down.

"We weren't going to allow him to harm anybody or get to the cockpit," Cann said. "He was screaming. 'Get me off the plane. Get me off the plane.' That's all he wanted to do."

Miami-Dade police took Snider into custody when the plane arrived at the gate.

The FBI said there appears to be no connection to terrorism and Snider's name did not appear on the "no fly list."

He is expected to make his first appearance in Federal Court in Miami on Tuesday.

None of the 165 passengers on board were injured.

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