US Coast Guard trains for rescues

OPA-LOCKA, Fla. - The U.S. Coast Guard on Friday showed Local 10 how they train for rescues.

The Coast Guard uses Biscayne Bay as its training ground for real-life scenarios.

"Usually, we send down the swimmer first. They'll give us the thumbs up when they're ready," said sailor Phillip Perez. 

"Most people fortunately do react fairly well because they see you as a bash and a hope and you're the professional out there and you take charge," added sailor Ryan Pierce.

On Friday, four mock victims were in the water it Jared Glover flew the helicopter above them and held it steady.

"You have rudder pedals down here that maintain directional control, basically which way your nose is pointed," he said.

Pierce jumped in after the mock victims.

"Oh, definitely jump in. It's far more fun that way," he added.

The mood was light -- it was training after all -- but the crew knew that at a moments notice the exercise will become a real emergency. Because of their training, they said they'd be ready.

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