Woman arrested in store label-switching scam

Lauderhill police: Thief made $30,000 per month

Police: Barbara Aqueveque made - A South Florida woman has been arrested after making up to $30,000 per month by switching labels on items in stores, buying them and then reselling them for huge profits, Lauderhill police said Tuesday.

Barbara Aqueveque, 34, has been arrested on grand theft charges.

Lauderhill police said Aqueveque would go to Walmart and Target stores across Broward County, where she would take the UPC stickers off of items that cost under $10 and stick them on items costing $100 to $150. She would buy the items, such as Legos, for the dramatically reduced prices she affixed to them, and then sold the items on eBay for big profits, police said.

Aqueveque often made as much as $30,000 per month doing this, according to investigators.

Police tracked Aqueveque for a year, and they said the fact that she used her debit card helped them to find her and name her a suspect.

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