Wood pierces windshield; Driver uninjured

Jeannot Menelas uninjured; Driver of pick-up truck cited

DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla. - A driver suffered no injuries Thursday after a piece of wood pierced his windshield on I-95.

Jeannot Menelas was driving southbound in Deerfield Beach when a piece of wood fell out of the back of a Ford pick-up truck in front of him, bounced on the ground, and went through his windshield, said the Florida Highway Patrol.

Menelas, 48, then pulled off the interstate just south of the 10th Avenue exit.

Menelas was taken to Broward Health North as a precaution.

"When I'm coming, I'm out. I don't remember nothing," he said. "God give me life today. I'm not supposed to get life today. I said thanks God."

The driver of the pick-up truck, Kenrick Shazad Bhola, was cited for failing to secure his load.

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