World's longest passenger plane lands at MIA

Lufthansa flies Boeing 747-8 from Frankfurt to Miami

By Steve Owen - Assistant News Director
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MIAMI - One of the world's largest passenger planes landed at Miami International Airport on Thursday.

The Boeing 747-8, flying under Lufthansa's colors, landed at Miami International Airport on Thursday afternoon.

Lufthansa is using the Boeing 747-8 on its Frankfurt to Miami flight.

At almost the length of a football field, the 747-8 is the world's longest passenger airliner in the world at 250 feet, 2 inches, and trails only the Airbus A380 as the world's largest. While the 747-8 may not be the largest plane in the world, it is the largest commercial aircraft built in the United States.

Because of its estimated cost of $317.5 million, the 747-8 is rarely used by commercial airlines, so the sightings in South Florida are very uncommon. No U.S.-based passenger airlines currently use either the 747-8 or the A380.

Airplane analysts say the 747-8 is more fuel efficient than comparable long-range airplanes.

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