Football helmet cover may soften blow of impact

Guardian protective helmet cover could reduce risk of injury

WESTON, Fla. - A South Florida high school is trying out a new piece of equipment designed to offer more protection for players' heads in hopes of protecting them from concussions.

This year, Cypress Bay head coach Mark Guandolo decided to offer his players a device called the Guardian protective helmet cover.

"Anything that's going to help protect their heads and take less hits to the head, let's try it," said Guandolo.

Thomas Baisch, who works for Guardian, explained how the cover works.

"The material is slick and it's designed to fit on top of the helmet," said Baisch. "It will actually move and slide on the helmet so you don't get the direct, blunt impact when two helmets collide."

The makers of the device don't claim it can prevent concussions but believe it will absorb some of the force from repetitive hits.

"It cushions the blow when it come into the body parts," said Baisch.

While some coaches and players are skeptical, the Guardian has been tested at several universities and the feedback at Cypress Bay is mostly positive.

"I think it's a great idea. One less hit. It could save your life," said Jason Rae, who plays center.

The device costs $70. The company does offer some discounts for larger orders.

Right now, the Guardian helmet cover is being used in almost 200 high schools across the country.

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