Forensic cardiologist testifies in murder trial

Expert: Woman had 'essentially a normal heart'

MIAMI - The former Miami-Dade County deputy chief medical examiner testified Monday in the murder trial of Adam Kaufman, who is accused of killing his wife. 

Dr. Erik Mont, a forensic cardiologist, told the court that there was no evidence that Lina Kaufman had heart disease or scarring on the heart that would contribute to her death, as the defense contends. 

"I found nothing abnormal. I found what is essentially a normal heart for a young adult woman," Mont said. 

During cross examination, defense attorney Albert Milian appeared to present doubt. 

"The bottom line is that if a person has arrhythmia, a person could get dizzy, correct? A person could have syncopy, which is fainting spells? A person could actually pass out, correct?"

Mont replied yes to all of those questions. 

"So, as you sit here talking about Lina Kaufman, a rhythm disturbance could have been present in her heart, and you would not be able to detect it by subsequent cardiopathology examination. Would that be correct?" 

"Yes," Mont said. 

Adam Kaufman was charged with second-degree murder in his wife's death. Prosecutors contend that he strangled her. 

Closing arguments are expected to begin Monday afternoon, after which the jury will begin deliberations. There is a chance that the jury will be able to consider a lesser charge of manslaughter.

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