Former Dania Beach mayor questioned about where she lives

Some believe commissioner Pat Flury actually lives in Fort Lauderdale

DANIA BEACH, Fla. - Former Dania Beach Mayor Pat Flury continues to be questioned about whether she actually lives in the city now she serves as a commissioner.

On Tuesday, Flury gave the city gavel to a new mayor, Walter Duke.

In August, Local 10 discovered Flury living in a $825,000 home on Avocado Isle in Fort Lauderdale, a violation of the city charter. She said the move was temporary as she waited to move into a condominium in Aqua Isles off Griffin Road.

But Flury sold the condominium. The house on Avocado Isle is owned by her longtime domestic partner.

Flury told Local 10's Bob Norman that she rents a townhouse for $850 a month in the 400 block of SE 7th Street in Dania Beach, making her a bona fide resident, as required by city charter.

"A lot of people don't believe you can live in that little place when you've got that nice, big house on Avocado Isle," said Norman.

"I have a bigger house in the Keys and I have a beautiful place in Bimini, but you know, I serve the residents of Dania Beach. I'm obligated to be in Dania Beach," replied Flury.

Patrick Phipps, Flury's political rival, continues to do his own surveillance. He claims Flury doesn't live at the Dania Beach address and has caught her staying at Avocado Isle.

"You think this apartment is a sham," said Norman.

"Absolutely a sham," replied Phipps. "She doesn't live here. She has no vested interest in this other than the title."

Some neighbors agreed.

"She's the mayor of Dania?" asked a neighbor.

"Yeah. But you don't see her?" said Norman.

"No," replied the neighbor.

"Some of your neighbors say they don't see you there," Norman told Flury.

"I don't know," replied Flury.

Flury admitted that she sometimes stays at Avocado Isle.

"How often do you stay at Avocado Isle?" asked Norman.

"Once in a while," answered Flury.

"How often do you stay in Dania at that address," said Norman.

"Pretty regularly," replied Flury.

Flury could be forced to resign if she isn't considered a bona fide resident.

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