Fun Bus brings fitness to kids

Retired New Jersey school bus brings exercise to preschoolers

MIAMI - It's fitness fun on wheels. The Fun Bus is helping preschoolers exercise and have a good time doing it.

"It's basically a kids gym on wheels," said Jill Thompson.

The Fun Bus is a retired New Jersey school bus with all the seats pulled out and air-conditioning added, making it cool inside and out. 

"When I'm driving on the street, I get al lot of honks and waves. It's really nice feedback because how can you miss this big, green, polka dot bus," said Thompson.

Thompson has had the bus for four years after leaving a career in the hospitality industry. Now, she's visiting three to five preschools a day, giving each class a high octane half hour. 

"It's like a mini-field trip they get to go on, each day or once a week or once a month, that they get excited about," said Thompson.

The kids crawl, climb, jump and play games while the music plays. 

"We have George of the Jungle where it's a game that they have to hold their arms and hold their legs to hold onto a rope," said Thompson. "So, they are just not even knowing they are working those muscle groups."

Games and activities are geared for all fitness and skill levels. 

"Each week, you see a kid that couldn't do the itsy bitsy up the wall to, now, they're going up to touching the windows. It's really impressive. They are coming a long way," said Thompson.

The Fun Bus is also available for birthday parties and special events. Thompson said she and her staff are fully-licensed and certified, and the bus never travels with children in it.

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