Funeral held for man killed in hit-and-run crash involving Ferrari

Police identify car's owner, but still not sure if he was driving at time of crash

By Neki Mohan - Anchor/Reporter

SOUTHWEST RANCHES, Fla. - A solemn procession of pall bearers took Jorge Arrojas' body into St Timothy Catholic Church for his final farewell Wednesday afternoon.

Arrojas was killed in a crash involving a Ferrari sports car. His nephew, Luis Prieto, says his uncle was a giving person and would have hated all this attention.

"Uncle Jorge was a giver," Prieto said. "He gave everything he had to our family and to his mother."

The 60-year-old Southwest Ranches man was killed early Saturday morning when police say his car was hit by the Ferrari owned by 42-year-old Radomin Delgado Lozada.

Investigators still have not determined if the racing enthusiast was behind the wheel of his car which is now in custody of homicide investigators. They will use DNA testing and other tools to determine who was driving.

At the time of the crash, Arrojas was heading home from a dinner party with his partner of 40 years, who said his soulmate died in his arms.

Family members say it's a huge and sudden loss. Arrojas was an uncle, a partner, brother and a son. And while nothing can replace him, they feel they deserve to know what happened.

"What we would like is for whoever the driver of that red Ferrari was to bring your self forward to police so our family and my uncle Jorge's mother can have closure," Prieto said.

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