Giant towel welcomes South Florida sunbathers

Miami performance artist is behind the communal towel

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. - A giant beach towel is making its way up the Florida coastline.

PHOTOS: Giant beach towel

It may be the largest beach towel ever, covering almost 1,800 square feet and holding 150 sunbathers comfortably.

Why you may ask? It's performance art created by a Miami man who is touring up the U.S. East Ccoast.

It takes artist Misael Soto and three friends to wrestle the 250 pound beach towel out of the trunk. They then lug it through the parking lot onto the sand, spreading out the huge towel for a day at Hollywood Beach.

The 59 by 30 feet blue and white beach towel takes up a lot of sand, leaving some already at the beach wondering what's going on.

Their questions are soon answered as Soto and helpers canvass the beach inviting people to join them.

"Feel free to spend however much time you want on it. We'll be here all day," said Soto.

Soto picked blue for his giant creation because he says it's an inviting color.

"I've had people meet other people on the towel. I've had lots of great conversations -- overheard lots of great conversations," said Soto.

Alexandra Kimble came to the beach with three friends and was glad to see all the available space.

"I think it's really a good idea, instead of people going their own separate ways, to be together," said Kimble.

However, most sunbathers on the crowded beach chose to stay where they were. A few clung to the edges, leaving most of the giant towel unused.

"Maybe they're just a little bit intimidated by the towel, just because it's so big and they are not sure why it's here," said Norah Tomarken.

Soto wasn't disappointed by the lack of enthusiasm for his project.

"Most people love it but some people take advantage of it and some people don't. It's all fine," said Soto.

Soto's trip up the coast was paid for by donations.

However, he had to invest $2,000 of his own money to get the beach towel project off the ground.

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