Girl Out Of Coma After 100-Foot Fall From Ride

Father: 'We're Just Happy She's Alive'

PARKLAND, Fla. - Police in Wisconsin are considering filing charges after a 12-year-old South Florida girl fell 100 feet to the ground from a free-fall ride.

Teagan Marti, of Parkland, came out of a coma Tuesday but cannot speak or move after the weekend incident.

Marti was at an amusement park in Wisconsin Dells on the Terminal Velocity ride when she fell. Investigators said workers failed to put a safety net in place.

"We're just happy she's alive," said Alex Marti, the girl's father. "When we saw that, we just -- I assumed she was dead right there, and it's a miracle. I think it's a miracle."

The Marti family was on vacation, visiting relatives in Wisconsin.

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