Good Samaritans pull man from burning truck

2 rescued after fiery crash

MIAMI - Wednesday was just another morning at Expo's Car Wash at 199th Street and Northwest 47th Avenue in Miami when suddenly, Dagoberto Perez heard an explosion. 

"It was real scary," he said. 

Perez and his co-workers witnessed a dump truck and a Mercedes slam into one another and explode into flames. 

"The fire was huge, and the guy was inside, and he was knocked out," said Perez. 

Instead of running away from the fire, the brave men ran toward it. They quickly pulled a woman out of the Mercedes and then headed for the driver of the fully engulfed dump truck. 

"The guy was inside, and the truck was on fire. We were trying to help him the best we can," said Perez. 

The man was trapped by the very seatbelt that most likely saved his life. 

Luckily, Perez had a pocket knife. 

"We get inside and start cutting the seatbelt," said Perez. 

The dump truck driver was badly burned but very much alive thanks to a handful of good Samaritans who saved his life. 

"I ain't got no other choice. It's another human being. We should help each other," Perez said.  

The woman in the Mercedes walked away with minor injuries. Perez and his co-workers said the man in the dump truck was badly burned, although he was conscious and talking. He was flown to Jackson Memorial Hospital.

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