Grueling workout tailored to children

Young kids jumping on the crossfit craze

DAVIE, Fla. - It's a growing phenomenon with adults, and now Crossfit is gaining  popularity with kids.

After all, what kid doesn't like running, jumping and having a good time?

But one gym has taken playtime to a new level, offering Crossfit kids, tailoring the adult workout to a  younger generation of athletes.  

Instructor Heidi Bowser began Crossfit kids after she noticed  her children wanting to do the same workout she was.

"The kids love it.  It's always a surprise when they walk in. No matter how grueling it is, you know at the end they are always happy to come back," said Bowser.

While regular crossfit classes can seem intimidating to even active adults, these workouts are specifically for kids.  
But just like grown up classes, workouts are posted on a board and they change daily.

"They are learning everything in here.  From weightlifting to endurance training, to body weight movements, gymnastics.  It's everything you can think of and they are bettering themselves at tha, " Bowser said. "It's going to help them with school. It's going to help them with any sports they are doing,

Brandon Sanchez lost over 30 pounds doing Crossfit kids.  Besides making him stronger and healthier, what Brandon enjoys most is the competition.

"You get to workout with kids your age and its pretty fun. It's hard because you keep moving," he said.

Crossfit offers a special certification for trainers who want to offer the program to kids.  

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