Gunfire erupts in Plantation parking lot

Police: shooter tried to commit suicide

PLANTATION, Fla. - One person was taken to the hospital Tuesday after a shooting in Plantation, police said.

Police say bullets started flying just after 6 p.m., when one man suddenly took a shot at another in an apartment parking lot.

"I don't know what it was about, what the motive was, or what their relation is," Detective Phil Toman said.

As rescuers rushed the victim to the hospital, police moved in to secure the scene. They shut down three apartment complexes and shut out hundreds of stunned residents for hours.

Then, three hours later, just as police began to let a long line of cars back in, a woman ran out of one of the neighboring apartments and told police the suspect was inside attempting suicide.

"It appears a white male was attempting to kill himself by unknown means," Toman said.

Police then pulled that suspect out and found a gun in the apartment.

"He was positively identified as the shooter," Toman said.

All police would say about the victim and the suspect is that they both lived in the same building.

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