Gunman threatens Metrorail singing woman

82-year-old woman's family concerned if incident related to lawsuit

MIAMI - Donald Anderson said his mother, Emma Anderson, was the target of an unstable gunman.

"I want to see the little lady, the little lady that lives here," said Anderson who recalled what the gunman had said.

Emma made news back in February when the 82-year-old woman was thrown off a Miami-Dade Metrorail train for singing spiritual hymns.

Police said Wednesday afternoon around 2 p.m., Tarard Johnson approached her home looking for the elderly woman. She went inside but he wouldn't leave and he was holding something suspicious.

When police arrived, Johnson was sitting on the porch. Inside a garbage can, police found a loaded 9 mm with an extended clip of 28 rounds, another clip with 16 rounds and an additional box of bullets, a steak knife and a towel to conceal it all.

Local 10's Todd Tongen reports when police asked Johnson to put up his hands so they could cuff him, Johnson said, 'I will not move.' Eventually, police were able to take him into custody.

The county later apologized for forcing Emma off the train, but there is still a civil lawsuit against 50 State Security Services, the private security company who's guard removed her from the train.

Anderson is concerned as to why Johnson targeted his mother. He is worried this may be related to the lawsuit.

"The way things are going it could be," said Anderson. "To have her out of the picture or something like that, sending someone to her house."

Johnson was given a $6,000 bond and that has made the Anderson family extremely concerned.

"It was a stolen gun," Anderson said. "It seems to me they should run a background check on the gun to see if it was involved in any kind of crime. Maybe he committed another crime or killed somebody."

In bond court, Johnson tried to address the stolen weapon.

"I am also a minister," said Johnson. "I minister to a lot of youth and collect all those guns off the street and try to clean them up."

Johnson was still in jail Thursday night, but could be released if he posts bail.

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