Gunmen open fire on homes less than 1 mile from each other

No injuries at either home

MIAMI - Gunman opened fire on two houses less than a mile of each other early Wednesday morning.

Thirty-two bullets pierced the walls and windows at 10501 NW 5th Avenue about 4:14 a.m.

"They were shooting rapidly, like a machine gun just going," said David Louis. "I heard a very loud noise, so I'm think somebody's banging on the window, so I'm thinking somebody's trying to wake me up until I noticed I smelled the gunpowder. I smelled it and then they started shooting through my room."

Louis said he crawled on the floor into his mother's room.

"My dad was getting up to come outside and I quickly pushed him on the floor just so that he won't get hurt," he said. "My mom was just up here praying. I told her get on the floor -- she wouldn't listen. She was just up here praying."

Louis said he didn't know why anyone would open fire upon their home.

"People in the neighborhood, they were shocked, they were shocked that they attacked this house out of all homes because they know we're not involved in no gangs," he said. "We're a Christian-based family, we love God, and that's what we do."

No one was injured at the home.

Less than a mile away, at 12001 NW 5th Avenue, Alpha Pluitt's nephew was home when gunman began firing at her house minutes after 4 a.m. She called the shooting senseless.

"There are some people who are just stupid. In a nutshell, they do things that they shouldn't do but they don't know better, I guess, or they certainly don't care," she said.

The bullets shattered hurricane impact windows at Pluitt's home, where she has lived since 1994.

"Perhaps doing this and causing somebody some heartache might be something that they get off on," she said. "You often hear people say I never thought this would happen in my neighborhood. Neighborhoods don't have anything do do with it -- you know, it's the people."

Pluitt's nephew wasn't injured.

Police found AK-47 casings outside both homes.

Anyone with information on the shootings is asked to call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS.

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