Hearing held over suspect's failed drug test

Sandor Guillen charged in Kaely Camacho's death

MIAMI - A second hearing was held Monday for a hit-and-run suspect who failed a drug test during a court appearance last week.

Sandor Guillen is charged in the death of 13-year-old Kaely Camacho.

On Friday, Guillen, 38, failed a random drug test when he tested positive for amphetamines, which he said were prescribed to him. He told Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge Ellen Sue Venzer he takes Adderall for attention deficit disorder.

The judge ruled Guillen be held in jail. On Monday, Bruce Lehr, his attorney, produced medical notices, prescriptions for Adderll, and Walgreen's stubs to prove Guillen didn't violate the terms of his release.

Lehr claimed the chief of psychiatry at Broward General approved Guillen to take the medication, but it was noted he hasn't seen Guillen in over a year and a nurse practitioner was doing check ups and altering dosage.

A nurse practitioner spoke to Venzer and said she is given pre-printed and signed blank prescription forms which she issues to patients without getting approval from a doctor, which is illegal.

"It had been prescribed by Dr. Castalon. I renewed it and started transitioning him to a non-controlled substance," said the nurse practitioner.

"You are not permitted to write a prescription for controlled substance, correct?" asked Venzer.

"That's correct," answered the nurse practitioner.

"But despite that, you hand out pre-printed, already signed prescriptions from the psychiatrist?" said Venzer.

"Yes, ma'am, they do leave me signed prescriptions," the nurse practitioner said. "And they're always available for me to contact if I have an issue."

"So have you contacted the doctor each time you've handed Mr. Guillen a prescription for a controlled substance?" asked Venzer.

"Yes, ma'am," replied the nurse practitioner.

"You just told me before you did not," said Venzer.

Guillen is expected to be released from jail Tuesday. He was ordered to take a drug test twice a week in court.

Police say Guillen was drunk when he drove his sport utility vehicle down a Busway lane at 100 mph, T-boning a van carrying Camacho, her father and her older sister, and then ran away from the scene.

Camacho was killed in the crash.

Guillen had been under house arrest since pleading not guilty to four felony counts, including vehicular homicide and DUI manslaughter. In May 2012, he was released on bond.

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