Heat fans get pots, pans ready for big win

Fans hope to carry on pot-and-pan tradition

MIAMI - If the Heat clinch the NBA championship Thursday night, you can bet the streets of South Florida will be filled with pot-and-pan-demonium. 

"From 92nd Avenue all the way to here at La Carreta, it will be wall to wall cars, all to wall people with pots and pans banging and going crazy," said Heat fan Tim Walden. 

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When the Heat won in 2006, they did some kitchen clanging, and it has become a tradition here. 

"Last time it happened, they closed Bird Road down, cars going inside the shopping center," said Sedano's manager Jorge Sanchez. "People were going crazy on top of the cars. They even got on top of the bank." 

"We are Latins, and we just make a lot of noise," said Heat fan Patricia Stone. 

So, the question is, what pot or pan makes the best and loudest noise?" 

"If I had to pick a pot or pan, I would say una cazuela. That's deep with a spoon and bang, bang, bang!" said Heat fan Jenny Sanchez. 

"It makes a better sound when it has food in it," said fan Carlos Olivella. 

"I would say a frying pan makes the best noise, and it has to be aluminum. That makes it the loudest," said Heat fan Lee Medina. 

"I will bring my whole kitchen with me," said fan Roberto Santiago. 

The phenomenon has become so popular that Sanchez, the manager of a Sedano's store, is preparing for a crush on cookware. 

"We have to restock because people get here and go nuts. It will be like a hurricane, buying a lot of stuff," Sanchez said. "They are going to be gone for sure."

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