Heat organization observes game day rituals

Staff members adhere to white-hot Heat superstitions

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MIAMI - As the Miami Heat prepared to face the Indiana Pacers on Tuesday night, members of the Heat organizations observed some game day superstitions.

"We have our rituals that we like to adhere to, and if something starts to work, then we like to stay with it," said Miami Heat Executive Vice President Michael McCullough.

Many consider 11-year-old Julia Dale a good luck charm when she sings the National Anthem at Heat home games. Dale has sung at every game in the first round.

But, the Heat have some other good luck rituals, some of them white-hot.

"On game days, both home games and road games, (everyone) has to wear white," McCullough said.

If staff members don't wear white to work on game days, they have to wear a white shirt six times their size that says, "I forgot to wear my white hot shirt today."

"White-hot was when we won, but it's also the ultimate level of playing," McCullough said. "As the players are leaving practice and getting in their cars, we're out there in the garage, staging a little staff pep rally."

And, every game day, a batch of fresh cookies -- white-hot chocolate chip -- is delivered to the staff.

In keeping with the team's good luck traditions, Julia was scheduled to sing the National Anthem at Tuesday night's game. Tip-off was set for 7 p.m.

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