Hollywood man blamed for neighborhood's cat problems

Glynn Nixon cited twice for harboring stray cats

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. - People blamed their neighborhood's cat problems on a neighbor who they said feeds strays outside his home.

Bowls of cat food and water surrounded Glynn Nixon's home at 1530 N. 68th Terrace on Tuesday. Cats lounged underneath vehicles after having their fill.

"I've seen at least 20. Usually there's at least 15 to 20 outside in the front yard," said his neighbor, Lorraine Castro. "They are running all over the neighborhood, they keep reproducing, they keep getting hit by cars."

Nixon has been cited twice this year for harboring stray cats. In both instances, he paid fines, avoiding a court date.

The city of Hollywood doesn't have a pet-limit law.

"We have complaints about him feeding cats and cats being around his property, so obviously he's got cats there," said Broward County Animal Care spokeswoman Lisa Mendheim. "There's no evidence of cruelty going on, which would cause us to then initiate a search warrant to go into his house."

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