Hollywood soldier critically injured by IED in Afghanistan

Explosives specialist loses arm overseas

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. - A local soldier is recovering after he was injured by an explosion in Afghanistan. Kenneth Doyle, 24, was wounded by an improvised explosive device on Wednesday.

"The fact he's still with us is the most important thing", said Doyle's step-mother, from her Hollywood home on Friday. She said Doyle's commanding officer was killed in the same explosion. Details of how it happened haven't been released yet by the Army, but DuBois said Doyle, an Army explosives specialist, was gravely injured.

"They had to amputate his right arm from the elbow down, he has traumatic brain injuries, he has severe abdominal injuries mostly on the right side, and his leg is injured also," she said.

Doyle was born in North Miami, graduated from Coral Springs High School and joined the military 3 years ago. His job overseas is to detonate bombs. But his injuries come as the number of violent attacks against US forces in Afghanistan spikes. On Thursday, an Army Black Hawk was shot down by Afghan ground forces and two US soldiers were killed Friday by a newly trained Afghan police officer. Despite the danger, DuBois says Doyle was right where he wanted to be.

"He's a young man who loves what he does, he loves being in the army..he's very happy, and loves what he does and he's good at it", she said.

Word of the incident has spread fast on Facebook and with it has come an outpouring of support and prayers for Doyle's family. Dubois wants people to remember the soldiers hurt and killed in the line of duty, are much more than casualties of war.

"Just pray for all the young men and women that are over there doing this for our country and the ones that don't make it back alive," she said.

Doyle is being flown to a US Army base in Germany where Dubois said doctors will assess his injuries and determine to which hospital in the United States he will be sent.

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