Hurricane season: Are you prepared?

By Max Mayfield - Hurricane Specialist
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MIAMI - Are you prepared for hurricane season?

Fortunately, there are no tropical disturbances in the Atlantic Basin currently observed in satellite imagery that pose a threat for tropical cyclone development over the next couple of days. In addition, longer-range computer models at this time do not suggest development.

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That doesn't change the fact that South Florida is one of the most vulnerable areas in the U.S. to hurricanes. The historical record shows that South Florida has more major hurricanes than any other area of the country. The mean return period for a major hurricane passing within 60 miles of Miami is 14 years.

Although there are no tropical cyclones currently on the horizon, it is hurricane season and the tropical storms and hurricanes are sure to eventually develop somewhere over the Atlantic Basin. No one can tell you with certainty whether those storms will hit South Florida. But given our vulnerability, it would be wise to prepare in advance.

If you haven't developed your hurricane plan, this is still a good time to do so.  And if you already have a plan, this is a good time to review it.

One of the best ways to prepare, in my opinion, is to check out Local 10's Hurricane Survival Guide.  It includes checklists for your Hurricane Family Plan, Hurricane Supply Kit and First Aid Kit, evacuation zone maps for Broward, Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties, Definitions, Pet Plans, links for Emergency Transportation and Shelters, and facts on Flood Safety, Generator Safety and Maintenance, as well as what to do after the storm.

Over the years, I have talked with a lot of people who have experienced hurricanes. One thing that really stands out to me is that people who had a hurricane plan almost always do better than those who did not have a plan. 

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