Illusionist Criss Angel wows crowd in 'Trapeze Alligator Escape'

Footage part of new TV show called "Criss Angel Believe"

HOMESTEAD, Fla. - Covered in rat blood and suspended above a pit of hungry alligators, illusionist Criss Angel wowed a crowd of spectators in Homestead for his latest stunt.

Called the "Trapeze Alligator Escape," Angel was locked in a stockade device at the Everglades Alligator Farm, and had to work his way out, without falling into the gator-infested pit below.

For a few moments for die-hard Angel fans, the self-proclaimed magician gives them what they want: Squirming, contorting and finally getting himself free.

"I was so tense the entire time," one woman said.

Known for stunts like walking on water, being impaled by beams, and for his drama-filled television specials, Angel filed this latest stunt in front of a South Florida audience.

The footage will be part of a new cable TV show called "Criss Angel Believe."

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