1-year-old wakes from coma, just as doctors prepared to end life support

By Inside Edition

MARSEILLES, France - A 1-year-old twin girl awoke from a coma, just as doctors and family members were preparing to take her off life support.

In a video posted to Facebook, little Marwa, from Marseilles, France, could be seen with her eyes wide open, and smiling as her father repeated her name. 

After Marwa was hospitalized in September, doctors said the outlook was grim.

Doctors put her in an induced coma after an aggressive virus attacked her nervous system, but after months of respiratory assistance, doctors suggested it was time to turn off life support.

“Doctors think she will never be able breathe on her own,” her father, Mohamed Bouchenafa, wrote online, including that she may not walk or eat on her own.

The family then started a social media campaign to raise support for Marwa, whose twin sister is named Safa.

Even though they community gained more than 100,000 supporters, Bouchenafa said the hospital was going through budget issues, and doctors said they would turn off life support within a week.

Ten days later, Marwa awoke on her own.

“My little wonder can smile at me, finally continuing to battle,” Bouchenafa wrote in an update. “Her face has softer traits than normal … but her condition remains stable, aside from a fever from time to time.”

According to Marwa’s father, she continues to receive ongoing treatment, but the family is grateful for every small milestone.



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