Report: 11 killed in bar shooting in Brazil

Seven men involved in shooting, report says

By Stephen Anthony Sobek
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Media reports say six women and five men were killed by a gang of gunmen at a bar in Brazil’s northern Para state Sunday, The Associated Press said.

State officials told the wire service that it was “a massacre,” but gave no further details.

According to the G1 news website, police said that seven gunmen were involved and they arrived at the bar on a motorcycle and in three cars, the AP said. One person was also wounded.

The federal government sent National Guard troops to the city to reinforce security in March, the AP said.

The country had a record 64,000 homicides in 2017, 70 percent of which were committed with firearms, official statistics said.

Most of the violence is gang-related, the AP reported. One of new President Jair Bolsonaro's campaign promises was to loosen the country's strict gun laws. "Upstanding citizens" should be able to defend themselves with legally bought guns, he said. He has made two presidential decress that make good on that promise, but federal prosecutors are trying to get the courts to block the move.

G1 reported that all of the victims had been shot in the head, the Guardian said.

“Of course we have some lines of investigation, which are confidential, but all of them will be analysed very carefully, very strictly,” the secretary of public security in Pará, Ualame Machado, said.


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