Socialist Venezuelan leader wears Lacoste

Maduro's fashion choice is in stark contrast to Venezuelans' day-to-day reality

By Andrea Torres - Digital Reporter/Producer

CARACAS - While parents of pediatric patients protest about the lack of medications and families struggle to get basics in their fridge, President Nicolas Maduro showed off luxury French clothing while talking about the beginning of carnival season Thursday. 

Maduro was wearing a Lacoste half-zip knit pullover sweater that could be found in Neiman Marcus for about $165, and about $90 on sale online. His fashion choice was in stark contrast to Venezuelans' day-to-day reality.

The minimum wage, including the government-issued food tickets, is about $3.47 a month. 

During his show, the president didn't mention the international criminal court was investigating reports of human rights abuses during protests last year.

The Venezuelan foreign ministry responded with a statement Thursday night saying Venezuela was a "democratic state." Venezuelan Attorney General Tarek William Saab tweeted the evidence provided to the court was "biased."


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