Is football too dangerous for teenagers?

New Hampshire school considers banning the sport

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DOVER, N.H. - Discussion over football related injuries are heating up in Dover, New Hampshire.

Dr. Paul butler thinks it's a no brainer to stop playing football in the area because literature on head injuries shows how dangerous the sport can be.

Dr. Butler, the soft spoken member of Dover's school board, made the statement at Monday's school board session.  He says he's not trying to be a
stick in the mud. He's a retired general surgeon who played high school and division 3 college football as a kid and loved it.
But now he argues that Dover schools should ban the game amid what he sees as clear evidence of the lasting damage that concussions can have on the
developing brain.

Dover's athletic director believes banning football is a gross and unnecessary overreaction to a real problem that schools and youth coaches are already
addressing.  He points to lengthy training and medical protocols put in place to prevent, recognize and treat concussions.
Peter Wotton says it boils down to parent and student choice in the end.  He says they elect to join football - or any other sport - with the informed
knowledge of its risks.
The proposed ban will be discussed at the dover school board's November meeting.

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