Is "Tildaing" the new "Tebowing?"

New photo bombing trend catches on after New York art exhibit

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Local 10's Morning News team tries out the newest photo bombing trend-- "Tildaing."

There was "planking." Then there was "Tebowing." Now there's another photo bombing trend that's catching on across the country.

It's called "Tildaing" and according to—it's all the rage. The site says its inspired by Oscar-winning actress Tilda Swinton's weekend exhibit at New York's Museum of Modern Art. Swinton spent the weekend sleeping in a clear box as museum-goers watched.

In the photo fad that's taking Swinton's name, Mashable says participants "pretend to sleep in a place other than a bed, preferably somewhere that people will stare at you with puzzled looks on their faces."

Local 10's Morning News team decided to give it a try Tuesday.

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