Jen's Mom Moment: Babysitter blues

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Today there was a big difference at our house. There was no Laurie.

Laurie has come over most workday mornings the past 3 years. She didn't even knock anymore. Our home was like her home. When I heard her key in the lock it was like the world was being lifted off my shoulders, right there, that second. I knew I would be able to get out the door on time, and that the girls' last minute "to do's" would be taken care of.

So who is this Laurie?

A nanny is defined as "a mother's helper, an individual who provides care for one or more children in a family as a service."

But "nanny" is a word I never felt comfortable using when I talk about Laurie. I think it sounds pompous and a bit insensitive (just my opinion). But then calling Laurie our "babysitter" doesn't do her justice either.

Laurie is everything! She kept my housing running! She LOVES my kids and they love her. She started taking care of my youngest when she was just 6 weeks old. As working moms we have no choice but to rely on others for help taking care of our children. I feel so lucky that for three critical years my babies had their Laurie. And I had her too… when work called me to go to Atlanta, Montreal, Dallas, Cuba, Oklahoma City… and leave my girls behind… I probably would not have gone had I not known Laurie would be there to help... no offense to my husband.

And speaking of him… as much as my kids are going to miss her, I think my husband and I will miss her more. She was our sanity. The little break we both needed and didn't feel guilty about taking because we knew our girls were in good hands. The best hands. My husband will miss her cooking the most

Which reminds me… now that my girls are a little older, and Laurie has moved on, I have to started cooking again!

Yikes! Good thing she thought ahead, like she always did, and wrote all the recipes down for me.

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