Jen's Mom Moment: Under the weather?

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I'm pretty sure I got punked by a four-year-old this morning.

In fact, I'm almost sure of it. 

Last week, when I picked my daughter up from pre-school, her teacher mentioned she wasn't 100% herself and maybe she wasn't feeling well. So when we got in the car I told her that if she's ever feeling sick at school she can always ask to call Mommy and Daddy and we will always come and pick her up. She said OK. That was it. Conversation over.

Well… fast forward to Wednesday. My husband gets a call in the early afternoon that our daughter wasn't feeling well and wants to go home. So he goes and gets her. Now granted, he did say she didn't look good. And she did fall asleep instantly when he picked her up… and she took quite a nap. When I got home last night she still didn't appear to be herself. And yes, she was a little warm. 

But…this morning, after a nice long night's sleep she came out of her room and said, "Mommy I'm warm, I don't feel good. I need to stay home." 


Apparently she can now take her own temperature.

Of course, I felt her head, hands and feet and took a close look… she appeared to be perfect.

Then a little while later came the forced cough.

And next the cupped ear.

My ear hurts too she said.  (I'm thinking I gave her that idea because when I walked past her bedroom 10 minutes earlier she was playing and had her hand up to her ear to which I said, "Does your ear hurt, baby?" and she said "No, I'm on the phone.") 

Bottom line…guess who got to stay home today???

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