Judge gives baby killing suspect $50,000 bond

Alexandria Sladon-Marler charged with manslaughter, child neglect

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - A woman charged in the death of her newborn son was given a $50,000 bond in a hearing Wednesday.

Alexandria Sladon-Marler made her first appearance in court on Tuesday before having her hearing reset.

Sladon-Marler, 33, was arrested Monday and charged with aggravated manslaughter and child neglect.

On Wednesday, Sladon-Marler's aunt testified, saying her niece had been Baker Acted more than once for mental health issues and has a substance abuse problem, which her defense attorney also argued.

"I think it is a shame that we have someone who clearly is suffering from mental health issues and substance abuse issues, and we lock them up instead of getting her the help she needs," said defense attorney Jason Blank.

The judge denied her request, adding that Sladon-Marler had been in court several times before.

"I think we have a tendency in the system to have a knee jerk reaction and say look at what happened, look at what she did, look at her prior history and say she must be mentally ill," said prosecutor Gregg Rossman. "She may be but we don't know that. It may be all substance abuse."

On August 10, court records show Sladon-Marler went to the Broward Medical Center and told hospital staffers that she was bleeding from complications from an abortion a few days earlier. Doctors didn't believe her, and they told police it appeared she had just given birth.

Police said it happened in room number 118 at the Fort Lauderdale Beach Palace Hotel and Suites, located at 3711 North Ocean Drive, where police said Sladon-Marler had been staying since June.

According to the arrest affidavit, security cameras at the hotel captured "Sladon-Marlor walking away form her room towards the stairs carrying a white 'bundle' in her right arm. She walks down the stairs to the parking lot."

It went on to say "Sladon-Marler walks to the northern most trash can (where the child is later found) and places the bundle inside. She then goes to a nearby trash can and removes a large bag of trash which she goes back and places on to of her 'bundle' in the first trash can. Sladon-Marler walks up the stairs and towards her room without the 'bundle.'"

Police found the body of the baby boy in a pillow case which had been tossed into a garbage can behind the motel.

Court records show an autopsy revealed the infant had air in his lungs, an indication he was born alive.

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