Judge sets bond for butt injection suspect arrested on manslaughter charge

Oneal Ron Morris charged with manslaughter, practicing medicine without a license

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - A man accused of performing cosmetic buttocks injections with Fix-a-Flat and cement remained in jail Sunday morning.

Oneal Morris was charged with manslaughter after one of the alleged victims died.

On Friday morning, a judge set bond at $100,000 for the manslaughter charge and $50,000 for practicing medicine without a license causing bodily harm.

That second charge was added Friday by prosecutors who said another victim, Valentina Lopez from Hallandale Beach, allegedly suffered injuries as a result of botched injections by Morris.

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Late Friday, Lopez spoke to Local 10 on the phone.

"Was there ever a point when you thought -- something's not right here?" asked Local 10's Janine Stanwood.

"Yeah, that's when I went into the hospital. I called the emergency room when I felt my butt go hard like a rock," Lopez said.

Lopez said she regretted meeting Morris.

"Yes -- I feel like he's a very cruel man. Like, and I feel like he's jealous of women," she said.

Still recovering from corrective surgery, Lopez said she felt lucky she was still alive. 

Broward Sheriff's Office detectives said Shatarka Nuby, of Tamarac, died in March after allegedly being injected nearly a dozen times by Morris. Her death was the result of "massive systemic silicone migration," according to a medical examiner.

Investigators said Nuby had paid Morris, whom she knew as Dutchess, hundreds of dollars for injections of an unknown substance in her buttocks, hips, thighs and breasts, and that the injection sites were sealed with superglue and cotton balls.

Home video shows Nuby smiling, and showing her newly-enhanced backside to friends. A friend can be heard in the video telling Nuby that she looked "perfect."

Cynthia Thompson, Nuby's aunt, said she may have been smiling in the video, but she was in excruciating pain.

"She was sick for a long time," Thompson said.

On Thursday, family members said they were relieved that Morris had been arrested.

Morris' attorney, Michael Mirer, denies the allegations. Mirer said Nuby underwent further cosmetic surgeries after she saw Morris.

"The alleged deceased victim is claiming that those infections were the result of my client. I have no evidence of that," Mirer said.

Morris was initially arrested in November on charges of practicing medicine without a license. He pleaded not guilty in that case in April. At least three women made similar allegations against Morris and claimed to have suffered medical problems after the injections.

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