Leashed dog survives elevator scare

Rottweiler's almost hung after leash gets caught elevator door

TORONTO - You'll forgive Vado the Rottweiler if he refuses to step on an elevator again.


5-year-old Vado received the scare of his life earlier this month when his leash was caught in the door of an elevator, nearly choking him to death.

The incident occurred on March 2 in the elevator of the Toronto high rise where his owner Tamara Seibert lives. The doors closed on the 11th floor with Vado's leash caught inside. When the elevator began its descent, the 110 lb. dog was quickly pulled up to the top of the doors.

Seibert began frantically pressing all the emergency buttons, sounding an alarm. But when the elevator didn't stop, Seibert attempted to free Vado from his collar.

It was when the elevator stopped that the dog was freed. He and Seibert's other dog ran out into the hallway, while Seibert tended to the hand she had cut on Vado's collar.

Thankfully, Vado was unharmed and has since been back on the elevator, but Seibert posted the surveillance video to her Facebook account this week as a warning to other pet owners.

In an interview with the Toronto Sun, Seibert warned of other dangers involving elevators.

"I just want people to be careful — I've heard so many horror stories from different people," she said. "It could be a child's scarf, a leash or a long dress."

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