LeBron James undergoes image makeover

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MIAMI - Miami Heat star LeBron James is leading the team with his play as he undergoes an image makeover.

When he announced he was signing with the Heat on ESPN's "The Decision," James was cast as the villain. But winning a NBA championship has seemingly gone a long way.

"I've been in this career for 17 years," said Maria Scott, a public relations professor at the University of Miami. "This is what I teach. This is what I study, and it just doesn't happen, so it's super impressive to see an athlete be able to take their love and their passion and share it with us and turn it around so quickly."

James appears to have done so by showing off his child-like side.

In January, James tackled a man who won $75,000 by hitting a half court shot.

James has also been putting on highlight-reel dunk contests during pregame warm-ups.

He sported a cape and a crown during the Heat's "Harlem Shake" video.

The Heat were riding a 15-game winning streak before their matchup with the Orlando Magic Wednesday night.

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