Levinson Jewelers settles in Rothstein case

Levinson Jewelers settles for $650K

By Bob Norman - Investigative Reporter
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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - After being sued for $10 million by the trustee in the Scott Rothstein bankruptcy case, Levinson Jewelers settled for a fraction of that -- $650,000.

The well-known Fort Lauderdale jeweler -- which feature Dan Marino and his wife in ads -- claimed in a statement that the settlement vindicated the Levinsons in the Rothstein Ponzi case, which involved more than one billion dollars.

The statement said: "The Trustee and Levinson Jewelers have amicably resolved their issues arising out of the unfortunate saga of the Scott Rothstein Ponzi scheme. Although the applicable bankruptcy statutes provide for Ponzi scheme monies to be returned to the bankruptcy estate, the Trustee determined that there was no evidence to indicate that Levinson Jewelers had knowledge that Rothstein was engaged in fraudulent conduct or that the monies he used for purchase of jewelry from Levinson were tainted. The Trustee acknowledges that the Levinsons assert that there is no evidence to believe that Mark and Robin Levinson have acted with anything but integrity and honesty at all relevant times."

Mark and Robin Levinson were close friends with Scott and Kim Rothstein, often appearing together at public events. But the Levinsons steadfastly claimed that they had no knowledge of Rothstein's crimes.

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