Lightning strike starts house fire in Coral Springs

Fire starts in attic of home; Family says damage minimal

By Alexandra Fruin - Producer

CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. - Two fires were sparked in a Coral Springs home Thursday evening when it was struck by lightning. 

According to firefighters, the fires started in the attic of the home at 600 NW 100th Lane. The fire appeared to have sparked in the chimney while several people were inside. Those who were inside the home said only one person saw the lightning strike, and the others thought it was a prank at first.

"My grandfather was sitting on the couch and he accused me and my dad of putting firecrackers in the fireplace," one witness told Local 10 News. "There were sparks in the fireplace. I said, 'We're not going to bed until this is inspected.'" 

The owner of the home called the fire department, who told the family to leave the home. 

"We had to get everybody out," said Kristen Matute. "We had two people who had to be picked up off the couch. We got them out to the car and then we got everybody else evacuated from the house." 

Matute's family members said the house is among the oldest in Coral Springs, but it appears to have only suffered minimal damage. 

They were unable to stay inside the home Thursday night, but expected to be able to return sometime Friday. 

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