Lina Kaufman's mother defends accused son-in-law

Adam Kaufman charged in wife's murder

MIAMI - The mother of Lina Kaufman, who was found dead inside the bathroom of her home in 2007, defended her son-in-law who is charged in the murder of his wife.

During testimony on Thursday, Frida Aizman said her daughter often complained of headaches and feeling tried and weak during the last month of her life.

"She had a habit, let's see, to faint, yes," said Aizman.

Aizman said her daughter fainted about a dozen times, recalling one episode in 2004 when she received a phone call from Lina.

"She said, 'Mom, I don't know what's happening.' She was very nervous. 'I'm on the floor and I cannot get up.' I said, 'What do you mean?' 'I don't feel my legs and I'm dizzy and I don't know what happened to me,'" said Aizman.

Aizman said she asked her daughter to see a doctor, but Lina never went, saying she was too busy.

During cross-examination, prosecutors reminded Aizman that, during her deposition, she said her daughter was in good health and never mentioned the fainting spells.

Lina Kaufman was found dead in the bathroom of her home in Aventura in 2007.

The state says her husband strangled her.

The defense says Lina had a heart condition, fainted, and collapsed on the floor in the couple's bathroom.

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