Livestream to catch glimpse of sea turtles hatching

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Florida Keys - Environmentalists from around the world are hoping to catch infant loggerhead sea turtles hatching courtesy of a live-streaming, high-definition webcam set up on a beach in the Florida Keys.

[Watch live-stream here]

"The technology that we're using on this webcam is high-definition, the first time ever used, and also an infrared IR-emitting light that is so important because it does not disturb any of the activities of the turtle trying to find the ambient light of the moon," said Harry Appel, president of the Keys-based Save-a-Turtle organization, who advised on the webcam's installation.

The webcam is part of an effort in the Keys to raise awareness of the need to protect sea turtles in the Keys.

"What people are more likely to see on the webcam is first a small miniature volcano cave-in and then a mad rush of turtles all coming out at once," Appel said. "It could be 50-75 of them coming out of that hole and heading for the most ambient light they can, which is the moon."

Loggerhead, green, leatherback, hawksbill and Kemp's ridley sea turtles, all species that nest on the beach in the Keys and other parts of Florida, are considered either threatened or endangered.

The nest is estimated to hatch by next week.

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