Living with the effects of cancer

Facility helps patients deal with effects of cancer treatment

PEMRBOKE PINES, Fla. - Medicine has made great strides in the fight against cancer, but one of the hardest things about the treatment is the effect it has on how you look and feel.

Carolyn Lewis is a wife, mother, motivational speaker, and a breast cancer survivor. She found a lump in her breast five years ago when she was feeding her youngest daughter.

"It was shocking, but I found strength. I had three little ones to live for so I think that was my push," Lewis said.

The determined mother came to The Image Recovery Center at Memorial Hospital West in Pembroke Pines. Patients can get wigs, hair pieces, prosthetics, and special clothing.

"I think when you look in the mirror, it's so important that we try and give you some moments where you don't feel like a cancer patient. You feel like yourself and that's what The Image Recovery Center is all about," said Dr. Aruna Mani.

Lewis says the center helped her fight the cancer inside her body while still looking like a super-mom on the outside.

The Image Recovery Center is on the campus of Memorial Hospital West, but it is available to all cancer patients. Insurance does cover many of the products and services.

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