Local 10 reporter prepares for National Physique Committee Competition

Tamika Bickham works on posing, presentation ahead of competition

SOUTH MIAMI, Fla. - Local 10's Tamika Bickham is less than four weeks away from competing in her first National Physique Committee Competition.

For weeks, she's been sharing her story about the hard work she's putting in in both the gym and the kitchen, but in these last few weeks of crunch time, it's also time to start practicing her stage presentation.

According to her coaches Maggy and Alex Cambronero, from SoMi Fitness, posing and overall stage presentation on competition day is as important -- or even more important -- than diet and exercise.

"This part is like another 40 percent of what needs to come together and look extremely perfect," Maggy explained. 

So in addition to the long workouts and strict diet she's following, Tamika is now adding a few hours of presentation practice into her routine. She'll have to perfect the poses and turns and keep up eye contact with the judges-- all while wearing heels!

Of course nothing is complete without the right outfit. For that Tamika turned to Cynthia James, the CEO of CJ's Elite, which makes custom competition suits for men and women around the world. As a former bodybuilder turned judge, she knows what it takes to win.

"If a girl comes out confident and she knows she's got it all and she does her poses perfectly, then that's presentation," James said. "Then the suit, then the body follows."

To read more about every step Tamika's taken to get this far, check out her blog.

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