Secret Service issues warning over new fake $100 bills during holidays

$100 bill (Associated Press)

PHILADELPHIA – With the holiday season in full swing, the Secret Service is warning consumers about new fake $100 bills being found in circulation.

The new bills are produced by counterfeiters who have figured out how to avoid detection by marker pens used to determine whether a bill is fake or not. The bills are most likely being created by using 3D printers.

“Sometimes they bleach the $1 bill and they print $5 or $20 on top of that and when you use the pen, it doesn’t work, it shows that its good currency,” said store owner Vincent Emmanuel.

Law enforcement authorities say a number of business have been victims of the bogus $100 bills, as well as other denominations.

According to WPVI, the Secret Service believes roughly $50,000 in counterfeit money is passed weekly... yes, weekly... in the Philadelphia region.

Those with concerns whether currency is real or not should contact the bank or local Secret Service office.