Dog owner devastated after pet shot, killed on Christmas

Man accused of shooting dog arrested

A dog owner is devastated after her pet was shot and killed on Christmas.

MARGATE, Fla. – A dog owner is devastated after her pet was shot and killed on Christmas.

Arlette Ocampo said she and her family had exchanged Christmas gifts Wednesday night when her friend took her two dogs, Tommy and Benjamin, for a quick walk.

"All of a sudden, I hear the loudest sound, like fireworks," Ocampo said.

Margate police said that's when James Thompson, 54, shot and killed one of Ocampo's two dogs on Christmas allegedly for barking at him while they were both on leashes. She said she went outside when she heard the dog yelping. She saw Thompson with a gun in his hand, but still ran to her dog.

"I feel that he's getting heavier and heavier in my arms, and then he just collapsed," Ocampo said.

Just days short of his sixth birthday and on Christmas, Ocampo's beloved boxer, Benjamin, died in her arms after taking a bullet to the neck.

One day later, Ocampo is surrounded by her best girl friends, remembering the other best friend she lost.

"He's a rescue," Ocampo said. "He was just so cute. He would never ever hurt anyone."

Ocampo said her other dog, Tommy, is traumatized by the gunshot and hasn't eaten since Wednesday night.

She said she's glad to see the shooter held responsible, but it won't bring her buddy back.

“I did get some closure earlier because I was able to spend some time with him, and his body was really cold, but it felt nice just being able to express myself and knowing that he’s in a good place,” Ocampo said.

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