Dozens of cyclists take part in memorial bike ride for murdered group leader

Clifton Cargill, leader of Dutta Ridas bicycling group, was killed three weeks ago

NORTH MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – Nearly 200 bicyclists took part in what they called a silent ride to honor the memory of a friend.

The group was cycling with heavy hearts as they remembered 51-year-old Clifton Cargill, the leader of the Dutty Ridas bicycling group.

Many members are still in shock after the sudden and mysterious death of Cargill exactly three weeks ago.

"We just want to honor him, everything he’s done for the cycling community," said Kofi Cathcart.

The memorial bike ride started at Miami Bicycles and Repair in North Miami Beach and ended in South Beach.

"Just all around good guy, rough around the edges, but a really good guy," added Michael Butler.

The NMB bike shop is where the group would meet every Sunday for their weekly ride, and where Cargill was shot and killed on the morning of Jan. 5.

Local 10 News obtained surveillance video that shows Cargill driving into the back alley area of the bike shop that morning. Minutes later, police arrived at the scene and Cargill was pronounced dead.

Police hope new surveillance video helps find shooter in deadly ambush of local cyclist

"This was extremely tragic and horrific," said Carmen Feinberg.

Cargill left behind three children, including daughter Kaidian Boubacar, who was moved by the turnout to honor her father.

“I just need justice,” she said. “I had to leave my dad’s body at a graveyard. Nothing can prepare you for that.”

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