Miami-Dade & Broward preparing for primary election despite growing coronavirus fears

Some poll workers expected to stay home due to COVID-19 outbreak

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – Florida's primary election takes place on Tuesday and polling locations will be open despite fears regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

There are approximately 600 polling sites in Miami-Dade County.

"Certainly the coronavirus is on top of everyone's mind," said Miami-Dade Elections Supervisor Christina White. "We've all taken our own precautions, but from an elections perspective, we've taken additional measures."

Those measures include masks for workers, hand sanitizers and disinfecting sprays and wipes.

The machines will be periodically scrubbed down too.

Despite some complex issues, the Florida Primary Election is going on as scheduled.

"That's the governor's decision and from my position, I support it," said Broward Elections Supervisor Peter Antanocci.

In Broward County, more than a dozen of the county's 577 polling sites have been changed because the original locations were suddenly closed or made off-limits because of the coronavirus scare.

"Relocating those precincts is a challenge," said Antanocci. "The other big challenge is we hire about 4,000 poll workers and many of those poll workers decided not to come to work or be around other people."

Miami-Dade County also expects to see a reduced number of voulenteers.

“We are adapting to that and dipping into our reserve pool,” said White. “We have some county workers who are assisting as well, so we’re going to be OK for Election Day.”

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