Where are they not wearing masks? We found a few places.

Even at a bar in Broward County, you need to wear a mask
Even at a bar in Broward County, you need to wear a mask

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Global pandemic or not, it’s still Saturday and many folks want a break. They are patronizing their favorite places to eat and drink.

Like other parts of South Florida, in Broward County just about everyone now has to wear a mask inside essential businesses, which includes restaurants that do take-out service.

But at Bokamper’s in Fort Lauderdale, while staff were covered up, we did spot a mask-less guy drinking at the bar.

When we called, a person at Bokampers said he didn’t know about any patrons inside; that only staff were allowed in.

We also saw a bare face inside YOLO on Las Olas Boulevard, but a manager tells us everyone now is covered up.

Most establishments we saw are complying with the new rules.

Public health officials say a cloth mask, even one you make yourself, is better than nothing for staying healthy.

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