‘Virus vaporizers’ are trying to keep South Florida clean and safe

SUNRISE, Fla. – They’re on the front lines of this fight against coronavirus, too, but they’re not doctors or nurses.

They’re disinfectors, equipped with what they’ve dubbed as “virus vaporizers” and other tools and cleaning methods.

“The benefit is being preventative, not reactive,” said Scott Murphy, co-owner of Enviro-Master South Florida. “You’re going after it to make sure it never happens.”

Crews have seen an uptick in business as doctors’ offices, nursing homes, condos and even supermarkets see the need for more strenuous cleaning practices.

Workers will respond after a confirmed case of COVID-19, or beforehand, to disinfect and prevent the spread.

Some grocery stores are even choosing to use the service at least twice a week.

The chemicals used are considered environmentally friendly, and company officials say they make sure workers are equipped to safely battle this virus.

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