Long lines resume at Hard Rock Stadium a day after wait times ease up

Hard Rock Stadium continues to see long lines for coronavirus testing
Hard Rock Stadium continues to see long lines for coronavirus testing

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. – A day after lines eased for coronavirus testing at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, we’ve seen them kick back up again.

People were lined up since 4 a.m. Monday to get inside the parking lot.

Testing is now underway, but officials are warning those going there to please make sure they have enough gas in their cars because several people have stalled out, impeding the testing process.

“Make sure you have a full tank of gas. We don’t want people running out of gas,” Mike Jachles, of the Florida Association of Public Information Officers, said.

Regardless of the missteps made by those getting tested, the site has been operating smoothly.

On Saturday, 641 tests were administered and about half of that were administered on Sunday.

Site managers say a maximum of five people per car will be tested, and if there are passengers in the back seat, all windows must be functional.

“If those windows don’t open and close, you will not be tested because of the risk of contamination,” Jachles said.

People who show up don’t need an appointment, but they must display COVID-19 symptoms and must present a valid ID. Those who are underage must have a parent or guardian present.

You can also get tested if you’ve been exposed to a positive individual and if you are a first responder.

“The last thing we want is for people to come out and be turned away because they don’t meet the criteria,” Jachles said.

Officials are hoping to test 750 people Monday.

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