Woman fighting cancer sews caps, masks for hospital workers

HIAHLEAH, Fla. – Several medical workers came together to give a big thank you to one special person.

Alyeda Perez has been quietly giving back for the past few weeks, sewing hundreds of caps and masks for nurses at Jackson Memorial Hospital. With the help of Hialeah Fire Rescue on Saturday, those nurses said thank you.

Perez knows a thing or two about being in a hospital. She’s fighting metastatic breast cancer. And even in the middle of chemotherapy treatments, she’s created her caps and masks, knowing that the work those on the front lines do makes a difference.

Her daughter said that Alyeda starts sewing as of 5 o’clock in the morning every day and even on Saturdays.

Gladys Cabrera was one of the workers there to cheer Alyeda on. "The hospital does provide these knit ones but they're not as stylish," Cabrera said.

Alyeda tells us she’s happy and she sews because she’s thankful. This is the best way she knows, she says, to repay the hospital workers.

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