Local teacher shows promising recovery from coronavirus after receiving new drug

Local teacher fighting coronavirus receives new treatment that may save her life
Local teacher fighting coronavirus receives new treatment that may save her life

PEMBROKE PINES, Fla. – A local elementary school teacher received a promising update as she battles complications from the novel coronavirus.

She was given a promising new drug, and now Stefanie Miller is off the ventilators.

It was just last week that the teacher's union was pleading that Miller receive a new drug, Remdesivir.

Miller's mom said the Memorial West doctor wanted to speak to her and Stefanie's son, Travis, on video.

Stefanie, 53, who is a second grade teacher at Fox Trail Elementary, has been intubated for three weeks.

She received plasma donations, but they seemed not to work.

On Saturday, Remdesivir finally came.

As of Tuesday, Stefanie's mother was showing Local 10 News photos of Stefanie propped up in bed, taken during the family's daily video session.

During Tuesday's session, Stefanie even whispered, 'Where have I been' and, 'When am I going home?'

"She could see us and she could hear us," said Faye Fogielharn, Stefanie's mother. "And we were so proud of her.

"The ventilator was out, she had oxygen on, we were so excited. We started screaming and jumping around."

Stefanie still has a long road to recovery, but she's fighting to get back to the life that she loved.

"They’re watching that she continues to be able to breath and swallow because she is extremely weak," said Faye.

Doctor's believe it's Stefanie's strength and her willingness to live that is helping her pull through.

"He said it’s your daughter’s spirit working," Faye said of the doctor. "He said she’s got an incredible strength and an incredible spirit."

Faye told Local 10 News Stefanie will continue her 10-day protocol with Remdesivir. Her family remains hopeful the drug will give her strength.

The goal is to get Stefanie out of the Intensive Care Unit so she can start physical therapy.

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